Our Mission

The Draft Movement Drive and March will have a two part mission:

1. To first locate, convince and get One Million Americans to coalesce with us and sign our Give a Damn Petition of Support encouraging and endorsing W. Mitt Romney to once again offer his services to the nation by becoming a candidate for President (sign our Petition);

2. To thereby change the individual personal mindset and psyche of W. Mitt Romney into agreeing to become the Citizens Candidate for the 45th Presidency of this Great Union of Fifty United States of America.

We are people who want leadership "all political games aside" with integrity and a proven track record of real world success credentials that we can respect and rely upon to focus on saving this nation and our U.S. Constitution from the quagmire we are now in and from the morass we now face.

We believe our nation's leadership should always be picked based upon the age and citizenship requirements of the U.S. Constitution and the equally important criterion of the best we have to offer in our nation and among our populace.

The President of the greatest nation in the world should be from among the most honest, most decent, most moral, most ethical, most honorable, most respected, most responsible, most truthful, most trustworthy, best educated and the most talented individual, with a proven track record of leadership success, and with the highest degree of integrity we can find. That should be one who is unselfishly willing to sacrifice a period of his or her life to serve the E Pluribus Unum common good will of this nation.

We believe the problems facing our nation include the shameful partisan political bickering in the national government circles, in our nation's capitol city of Washington, District of Columbia, and in the public square of Main Street USA. Cumulatively this ugly discourse has made our government an inefficient, ineffective and dysfunctional failure. This is in large part at least the result of the failed incumbency of politics as usual in Washington, D.C. led by inexperienced and poorly qualified career politicos.

Under the first part of this mission the One Million American signers of our Give A Damn Petition will also be participating in our virtual reality Million American March on Washington from Main Street USA to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and on to Capitol Hill in the District of Columbia.

Like so many Americans on the march today against the government we are expressing our concern and frustration with the ineffective, inefficient and dysfunctional government dominated by the failed incumbency of politics as usual by self-serving career politicos. The route of our march will be via the Internet Super Highway of Cyberspace, USA!

Our Slogan

The slogan for our draft movement is simply "Give A Damn!" It is intended to forcefully express the frustration we feel and that is now clearly sweeping the nation with populous movements under the names of the Tea Partiers, the 9.12'ers, Freedom Work's, the new Militiamen and others. We, like all of these forces, are trying with good intentions to justifiably unite the nation for real and meaningful change for the E Pluribus Unum Common Good of all.

The meaning and purpose behind this is to give spirit, hope and life to all those Americans who care - who Give A Damn!

Our Comite

We are a non-partisan, non-political, non-profit unincorporated association of concerned civic-minded lawful American citizens governed by good conscience and the expectation of integrity from public servants.

We are driven by a concern for the misguided course our nation has been following under the reign of Republican and Democrat career politicos in Congress and the White House in recent decades. We are also concerned about the danger to our democracy caused by the misguided decisions too often made by the Supreme Court that have virtually ignored and weakened the U.S. Constitution that is supposed to be the Supreme Law of the Land. We are further concerned about the public policy and social issue priorities being established and pursued by those career politicos who are selfishly dominating our public service arena and agenda.

We are American citizens who sympathize with the frustrations and the anger sweeping across the plains from sea to shining sea and we Give A Damn and sincerely want to make a difference for the E Pluribus Unum common good of all America and for all Americans.

Our History

The Introduction. As a young adult conservative-leaning Republican in graduate school in Michigan in the 1960's I often debated in the classroom with a very popular, although a liberal democrat, Professor, Dr. Harold Norris.

As one of the best liked professors at our alma matter he always made his students act out their case study lessons every day in class. This discourse and debate caused for some interesting banter between students and the professor on legal, public policy and social issues.

After one particular days classroom debate session Dr. Norris said to me,

"you know I am a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in our capital city for rewriting the state's antiquated Constitution. One of my colleagues and political opponents there, one of the leaders, in that body with whom I often debate sounds, acts and thinks like you and I think you two should meet and get acquainted!"
In a week or so another student and I accompanied Dr Norris on the seventy-five mile journal to our State Capitol to attend a session of this historical "Con-Con" event. As the above picture captured that momentous occasion in my life when I first met, talked and had lunch with a man who would become my early career boss, and mentor-like friend for the next 33 years of our lives.

An Early Career Job. Within weeks of that first meeting I joined an unincorporated association of civic-minded Michiganders concerned about the leadership and the sad state of affairs in our state government. That Citizens Committee was led by Hillary Whittaker, a prominently recognized Detroit area civic and social leader, Arthur Elliott, a well-known realtor and Max M. Fisher a successful oil industry entrepreneur. We sought to draft and nominate George W. Romney into becoming a citizen's candidate for our State Governor by a grassroots Petition.

Originally organized as "Citizen's for Michigan" the group that promoted and successfully got the Constitutional Convention issue on the ballot and adopted by Michigan voters in 1961, it was now reformed and renamed Citizens for Romney.

This successful Draft Movement got George W. Romney on the ballot as the Republican nominee for Governor, circa 1962.

Arthur Elliott became the Campaign Manager, Hillary Whittaker became a Campaign Director and Max M. Fisher became the Finance Chairman for George Romney. I became a staff assistance and advance man for George Romney. Over the nine months of the campaign that followed I traveled some 7,000 miles for and with George Romney, his wife Lenore, and their youngest son Mitt all within the borders of the state of Michigan.

Election Night 1962. On election night, November 6th, 1962 my wife and I had dinner with the Romney family and our staff and then I spent the entire night in our Presidential Hotel Suite headquarters in downtown Detroit watching the returns with George, Lenore and Mitt and the top staff members who came and went all evening long.

At one point during the long evening vigil Max Fisher asked the group: "Hasn't someone got a camera to memorialize this historic event?" To which I responded "yes, out in my car" At the direction of Max I got my camera and the following collage is a pictorial display of a few of the pictures from my collection from that evenings events.

A Gift of Memories. I framed and gifted this collage collection and a scrap book of pictures and memorabilia from the 1962 campaign and Romney Inaugural to my friend of 48 years, W. Mitt Romney, on the occasion of his keynote speech to the 2007 National Young Republican Convention at the Dania Convention Centre in Dania FL. The event and the presentation was live on NBC TV and C-Span's Road to The White House Show and was coincidentally done at precisely 07-07-07 at 7:07:07 P.M. Upon presentation it was also noted at "midnight tonight will be the 100th anniversary of the birth of the late George W. Romney, Mitt's revered father, one of the more distinguished and patriotic American Republicans of the last century".

"at midnight tonight will be the 100th anniversary of the birth of the late George W. Romney, Mitt's revered father one of the more distinguished and patriotic American Republicans of the last century."

A Thank You Cloning Mission. I have now, with the active help of a dozen friends and relatives, and the support and encouragement of some 1,286 Romney supporting colleagues and acquaintances from across the nation organized this Official National 2012 Citizen's for Romney Comite [draft movement]. This will assure that Mitt Romney and the nation know of his silent majority of support from people in all walks of life, from all political ideological persuasions, from all ethnicities and from all religious beliefs who want him to offer his services to the nation.

It is our focus and Mission to clone the successful Citizens for Romney Michigan draft movement circa 1962 that I was proud to have been a part of and from which I and all those involved learned a lot about politics, integrity and business.

I learned from George Romney negative discourse is not good, does not get you votes and is more destructive than helpful in politics. He taught us to never attack your opponent personally, only attack their ideas, policies and programs and with meritorious objections pointing out their failings or weaknesses.

Our Citizens for Romney Comite will NOT be a home to bitter partisan political bickering like the career politicos have been doing in America's political arena of the past. It is our opinion that the typical ugliness of the failed incumbencies of politics is over.

In the spring of 2009, after having been independently actively engaged in the 2008 Presidential election campaign process for the better part of two years, and being disappointed by the Romney campaign suspension in early 2008, I commenced planning for this draft movement idea.

In the late summer of 2009 I invited my friend and political colleague here in Palm Beach County, Florida, Carmen J. Melillo, and a couple friends from the 2008 campaign trail, Frank Mooneyhan and Glen E. Barber, to join with me in organizing, planning and structuring this draft movement organization. We selectively named our group The Official National 2012 Citizens for Romney Comite [a draft movement] organized for the purposes stated in our Agreement of Association and our Mission Statement.

By year end 2009 we had communicated under an anonymous pseudonym with the Federal Elections Commission about any filing requirements for a national candidacy DRAFT committee pursuit... and we determined they were non-existent. We began to formalize our organizational planning. By the spring and early summer of 2010, with supporting encouragement from some 1,286 friends and acquaintances from across the nation... all silent Romney supporters... we slowly and deliberately commenced our agenda and website work.

Our focus will be a two year drive to gather as much support from across the nation to encourage
"my old but still younger friend... TR" aka: W. Mitt Romney to become a candidate for the 2012 quadrennial Presidential election quest.

The Official National 2012 Citizens for Romney Comite [draft movement] is therefore now hereby announcing a two year agenda to get One Million Americans to join us by signing our Give A Damn Petition of endorsement for our targeted subject... that will amount to A Million American March on Washington DC from Main St. to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and on to Capital Hill, via the internet superhighway of Cyberspace, USA. The underlying purpose being to invoke real change in our leadership selection process and the credentials criterion of picking leaders from among the
best we have to offer in this nation!

Our Motto

This motto is intended to give more meaning and depth to The Official National 2012 Citizens for Romney Comite's Give A Damn slogan incorporating the following:

We Give A Damn about:

  • restoring the influence of the voice of We the People;
  • reinstating the U.S. Constitution to its historical role as the Supreme Law of the Land;
  • rebuilding the world leadership role and reputation of this great Union of Fifty United States of America;
  • returning peace to our political circles and our government, ending the destructive partisan political bickering in Washington while renewing the value and meaning of the term "loyal" in the once revered title of "Loyal Opposition"; and
  • renewing the patriotic fervor often attributed to French emissary Alexis Henri Charles Cerele De Tocqueville and which I have label The De Tocqueville Goodness once found in America's spirit.

Our Mascot

The mascot of The Official 2012 National Citizens for Romney Comite [a draft movement], "The Elephoenix" will hopefully soon also become a new symbol for the merging of the many forces of discontent in America and the revival of a new and respected Grand Old Party spirit and focus for the E Pluribus Unum common good. A new national political party emblem: A take-off on the mythological Phoenix Bird of ancient times, The Elephoenix will arise from the current smoldering ashes of hellfire and doom to restore the honor, the decency, the ethical-morality, the respect, the trustworthiness, the truthfulness and the integrity of the G.O.P., the American political system, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Presidency and this great world leadership Union of Fifty United States of America!

A take-off on the mythological Phoenix Bird of ancient times, "The Elephoenix" will arise from the current smoldering ashes of hellfire and doom of the GOP and the American political system, to restore the honor, the decency, the ethical-morality, the respect, the trustworthiness, the truthfulness and the integrity of the American political system legacy and spirit, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Presidency and this great world leadership Union of Fifty United States of America!

Our Logo

The logo of The Official National 2012 Citizens for Romney Comite is symbolic of our mission target, W. Mitt Romney, a star bursting forth from the American flag, circa 2012. The Citizen Candidate coming from our populous en masse and who is best suited to represent and lead our nation, to restore and rebuild our fiscal and political integrity both domestically and internationally. The last and best hope for America is in our opinion W. Mitt Romney, a man of unquestionable integrity, NOT a career politico!
The Agenda

Our Agenda includes a Petition Drive and Virtual Reality March on Washington by which we will coalesce support for the Romney leadership talents and qualities. We will thereby build a groundswell grassroots movement focused on the recognition of his esteemed high personal virtues and his proven track record of success thereby encouraging him to become the preferred Citizen's Candidate for nomination and election by Republican's, Independent's, Libertarians, Constitutionalist's, Green Partiers, Tea Partiers and even disillusioned, dissatisfied and disappointed Democrats to the 45th Presidency of this Great Union of Fifty United States of America.



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