Massachusetts Health Care Reform

Massachusetts Health Care ReformThe former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney proposed, in 2006, a health care reform known as Romneycare. The goal of this private, market-based reform was to offer each citizen of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts health insurance.

One of Governor Romney's priorities as Governor was offering a minimum insurance coverage level. The law impacted positively residents with earning less than 150-300% of the federal poverty level by offering subsidized health care insurance. The project had a two years plan for implementing all the milestones. Afterward, the goal was to have 98% of Massachusetts residents covered.

Considering that the number of Americans without even a basin of insurance was growing, states were working individually on providing access to healthcare to many individuals. The Massachusetts reform was based on the common responsibility of individuals' and businesses'.

Beginning with July 1, 2007, citizens over 18 had to acquire healthcare insurance. On the other hand, businesses that did not offer coverage had to pay $295 per employee. For responsible management of the project, a state authority, The Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector, has been created. Connector's goal was to offer individuals and small businesses affordable healthcare plans and set standards and milestones for successfully integrating the law.

As a result of the first implementation steps, the Massachusetts health reform offered no premiums for those who earn less than 100% of the federal poverty line, increased coverage for children up to 25 years, and increased Medicaid reimbursement rates for providers, which was a significant aid for hospitals.

Although the full image of implementing the Massachusetts health reform is not clear yet, the project drew more attention to uninsured citizens' problems. The key observations of Romneycare have demonstrated that lowering healthcare costs and creating affordable packages for citizens is vital. Only this way is a community able to develop without public health impediments.






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