Give A Damn!

A Petition for real change in America's elected representative
Republic form of governance by democracy!

As one of a million voices of We the People, we the undersigned, all citizens of this great Union of Fifty United States of America, do hereby proclaim our desire, our wish and our demand to change the direction of this nation and to reorder the priorities of our governance.

A.  We believe America must stop the nasty, negative, mean-spirited, vicious, vindictive, vile, virulent, vitriolic, venomous and vomit-generating discourse of partisan political bickering by all in the current two party system ruling in Washington, D.C; and
B.  We believe America must change our federal government from being a dysfunctional, ineffective, inefficient and near useless entity and to do this we must end the failed incumbency of politics as usual in Washington with leaders who have not proven to be worthy when selected from the questionably motivated and selfishly driven power hungry class who would be career politicos; and
C.  We believe America must terminate the stranglehold by the single-issue focused special interest groups, their lobbyists and their powerful almighty dollar voices influencing the best government their money can buy; and
D.  We believe America must establish cumulative term limits as the new accepted national standard for any  individual offering to serve in any and all elective public offices thereby bringing to an end the musical chairs game of career politicos used to evade prior term limit statutes
E.  We believe, as did the founders of this nation, that public service is a duty of citizenship and a privilege, not intended to be a life-long career pursuit; and
F.  We believe our nation's leadership always and only should come from among the best we have to offer from our entire population of lawful citizens... the most honest, most decent, most moral, most ethical, most honorable, most responsible. most reliable, most respected, most trustworthy, most truthful, most successful, best education and with the highest degree of unquestionable integrity of all American's; and
G.  We believe America must change the practice of nominating and electing our leaders primarily based upon political ideology, party loyalty and manipulative political gamesmanship, and refocus leadership selection criteria on real world experiences, personal qualifications, successful credentials and respected virtue traits of integrity and ethical morality; and
H.  We believe when our nation ignores recognized personal talent, the value and virtues of real world experiences and proven success credentials they also ignore the important dispute resolution principle of "Compromise". Unfortunately that is a core element necessary for a successful and proper functioning democratic Republic through which the voice of we the people MUST be heard!
I.  We believe career politicos are so stubbornly entrenched in their own ideological beliefs they too often ignore the most important principle necessary for the continued success and survival of any form of democracy. That is, all government decision-making should in the final instance, be made based upon what is in the E Pluribus Unum Common Good best interests of all America and for all Americans!

NOW THEREFORE, based upon all of the above reasons, we the undersigned do hereby declare our unequivocal and unwavering support for and our desire to encourage the 2012 candidacy of the best this nation has to offer and that is in our opinion without question epitomized in the person of former Massachusetts Governor, W. Mitt Romneya man of the highest business, personal and social integrity, a man known and respected for his honor, decency, ethical morality, trustworthiness and truthfulness a man of high education from BYU and Harvard University and a man of proven successful credentials in the real world of business and economics, as well as in his civic and social life. He is a man for all seasons a man for all Americans a patriot, a civic leader, an honest man, an honorable son, husband, father, grandfather, colleague and friend from whom you could ask no more!

Why, you may ask, do we give such strong support to a Citizens Candidate with our strong stated disappointment in the failed incumbencies of career politicos and the destructive behavior of the political parties in America, with added favor toward term limits?

Because WE THE PEOPLE, concerned Americans, and the signatories hereunder freely state that We Give A Damn for our country and its future for the sake of our children, grandchildren and all future generations. We believe the vox populi must once again be heard loud and clear, like the shot heard round the world at the Concord Bridge, and as another Liberty Bell ringing or a beacon of light warning of the dangers at freedom's door as once proclaimed and given by patriot Paul Revere.

We believe in restoring the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land that is intended to preserve and protect  human dignity and freedom of all mankind, plus the Right to Privacy and Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness! We want to spark a new but peaceful revolution in America and to do so now is the time and hour for all good American's to stand and be counted for the E Pluribus Unum Common Good best interests of this Great Union of Fifty United States of America! We want to once again be the beacon of light to the world and that shining city of a hill!

We hereby humbly request and beseech W. Mitt Romney to offer his services to the nation by becoming the Citizen's Candidate of preference for the 2012 Presidency as we sincerely feel he is the last and best hope
for turning around our troubled economy; 
for bringing an end to the common place mean-spirited and nasty partisan political bickering in political circles, in the public square and in government;
for restarting our dysfunctional government;
for re-ordering our national priorities;
for rewriting our national vision and renewing our faith and hope in public service and our nations future; and
for simply putting the nation back on the right tract to a respected and prosperous world leadership future."

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