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  Romney to raise money for NH GOP - MSNBC
By Domenico Montanaro

Mitt Romney's heading back to New Hampshire.

The likely 2012 candidate, who owns a home in the Granite State, will raise money for the New Hampshire Republican Party Aug. 12.

The fundraiser is $250 a head and at a private home. Party spokesman Ryan Williams told First Read the New Hampshire GOP has sent out a "couple hundred" invitations, and that, for New Hampshire, $250 is considered high-priced.

A week earlier, Aug. 5th, Romney will also raise money for the New Hampshire Republican House Victory PAC in Manchester. The PAC helps elect Republican state House candidates.

  Romney's PAC Wheels and Deals - The Atlantic
By Chris Good

The 2012 presidential race is being played out, financially, through PACs, the political organizations that allow figures like Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and Tim Pawlenty to raise money, donate to candidates, and pay for their own travel. Romney's PAC, it appears, is thriving, with a bigger fundraising haul in the past quarter than Palin's organization, donations to many candidates, and activity in key primary states. Sean Miller and Shane D'Aprile at The Hill have a good rundown:

Romney's money haul stands out. His Free and Strong America political action committee, and five other state PACs, have raised more than $1.8 million combined in the second quarter and doled out nearly $350,000 to Republican campaigns and causes.

  Romney breaks from the pack - The Hill
By Sean J. Miller and Shane D'Aprile

Mitt Romney is dominating fundraising in the nascent GOP 2012 presidential field and pushing ahead with a strategy to bolster not just midterm congressional campaigns but state-level ones - as well as his own.

The former Massachusetts governor, who sought the Republican White House nomination in 2008, has put considerable distance between himself and his would-be opponents, not just on the money front but operationally.

That he will seek the party's nod again seems all but a given. And, with the depth of his coffers now apparent, he stands as the arguable front-runner in a field that remains relatively narrow, perhaps with just half a year until the next White House campaign begins in earnest 

  Poll: Upset Obama voters favor Romney - Politico
By Andy Barr

Former supporters of Barack Obama's presidential campaign who do not approve of his job performance favor former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney over the rest of the GOP field, according to a new Public Policy Polling survey.
The survey will not be released until later on Thursday, but Public Policy Polling Director Tom Jensen provided a preview of the results on his blog.

Among the selection of voters who said they voted for Obama but do not now approve of his performance as president, Romney is viewed the most favorably of any of the other potential Republican challengers to Obama in 2012.

Thirty-two percent of the disaffected Obama voters have a favorable view of Romney, while 31 percent view him unfavorably, making the former governor the only Republican with a net positive rating among the group.

  New Start: Romney is Right - National Review Online

Mitt Romney caused a furor last week when he wrote a Washington Post op-ed opposing the New Start treaty. Democrats and liberal commentators rushed to accuse Romney of bad-faith politics, of ignorance, and of a dangerous extremism. He'll never get into the Council on Foreign Relations now.

The squealing is a sign that Romney hit his target: New Start is a bad deal for the United States, and the Senate should send the administration back to the negotiating table.






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