Small Businesses for Romney: Companies that Support Romney Comite

Small Businesses for RomneyThe former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has undertaken the committee assignments in the areas of Foreign Relation, Health, Education, Labor & Pensions, Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs, and Budget. Considering the negative scenarios in the public sector, Mitt Romney is aware of the importance of collaborations to elaborate on working strategies and help society overcome periods of difficulties.

Each new law requires major efforts, including several studies effectuated by specialists in diverse areas and longer periods for implementation. Mitt Romney stands for the efficient use of human and financial resources. Therefore, the team of Mr. Romney appreciates the help of companies that share the ideology of Romney Comite and choose to support the initiatives financially.

As with the collaboration between UBS AG and HIG Capital, Romney Comite found the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Program. As a result, 25 percent of top Massachusets students have got their studies financed by a four-year tuition fee.

The support of the Rothman Institute has brought an essential contribution to Healthcare reform development. The Romney Comite established a strategy aiming to secure each resident with basic insurance and to overcome the health crisis.

The support of companies makes new initiatives possible, creating a better society today and tomorrow. The Romney Comite welcomes each small business that shares the beliefs of a better living place and offers a warranty of smart use of the donated resources. Together, can make the world better and people happier.





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